Why Easy “Zone 2” Workouts Became the Biggest Thing in Fitness

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“Instead of thinking about Zone 2 as a weight loss tool, it’s more accurate to consider it a way you make your internal engine more efficient. Instead of picturing a six pack, picture a beautiful mitochondria within the cell, operating at peak efficiency.”

“it’s actually just exercising at a relatively low intensity for a long period of time.”

“Zone 2 is…an easy jog or a relaxed bike ride”

“At lower intensities, from rest to Zone 2, the body relies mostly on fat for energy.”

“As intensity increases, carbohydrates, in the form of stored glycogen (basically a .zip file of glucose), become the body’s primary source of fuel. Zone 2 is the space where you’re doing the maximum level of effort while not going beyond the “crossover point” from aerobic (“with oxygen”) to anaerobic (“without oxygen”) where carbohydrates begin to become the preferred fuel source instead of fat, and lactate (a byproduct of glucose metabolism) begins to accumulate.”

“long efforts in Zone 2 do seem to have some unique characteristics that help improve overall fitness. Almost three decades ago, exercise physiologist and professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Iñigo San Millán was interested in mitochondrial function as “the epicenter of performance.” (You may remember these cellular structures from high school as the “powerhouse” of the cell.) A former competitive cyclist, he wanted to find an exercise intensity that improved mitochondrial function. By measuring athlete’s lactate via blood samples, he found training in Zone 2 to be the best way to stimulate mitochondrial function and cultivate a cardio base..”

“Zone 2 training is welcomed by experts. Christle pointed out that it is generally safer and more sustainable than the high intensity interval training fad that preceded it. The best exercise is the type that you can keep doing, after all.”

““You should be able to talk, but it should be a little bit strained,” said Christle. “But you should be able to talk in full sentences at that rate.””

“For all the attention that Zone 2 training has received, it’s important to remember it’s just one slice of a larger fitness pie. More specifically, it should be around 80 percent of that pie, with the remaining 20 percent done at high intensity. Elite athletes do lots of low-intensity training, San Millán said”


Why Easy “Zone 2” Workouts Became the Biggest Thing in Fitness

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