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“Exercise and nutrition interventions are often recommended for frailty; however, effective strategies are required for real-world implementation.”

“a framework for exercise professionals to tailor fundamental strength exercises for older adults of varying abilities using minimal equipment.”

“Before starting the intervention, participants received a 60-minute consultation with the exercise physiologist to review program instructions and discuss participant goals.”

“Using what they gathered from the Meet and Greet session and baseline measures, the exercise physiologist created an individualized program for each participant”

Participants received:
❇️ personalized exercise program
❇️ 11 remote one-on-one training sessions
❇️ & 3 online nutrition education sessions

The nutrition component included
❇️ 1.0–1.2 g protein/kg of body weight/day for older adults
❇️ & more for active individuals or those living with acute or chronic illness

“Each individualized training program included at least 7 functional movements that alternated between upper and lower body to enhance recovery—balance, pull, squat, push, hinge, lift and carry, and calf raise. Participants were asked to perform 8–10 repetitions of each functional movement with time under tension per repetition of 4:0:2 seconds for eccentric:isometric:concentric phases.”

At program end significant improvements were measured in
❇️ 30-second chair stand test
❇️ and dietary protein intake

“Significant changes were detected for levels of physical activity.
❇️ At baseline
– only 43% achieved ≥150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each week
– and 23% participants completed muscle strengthening activities ≥2 times per week
❇️ At post intervention and follow-up
– 71% met physical activity recommendations
– while 26 participants 93% performed progressive strength training ≥2 times per week.


Canadian Science Publishing

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