3 Steps to Train Your Awareness | Dr. Amishi Jha

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The 1st thing is notice your body is breathing
Take stock of this experience

Then we’re going to go on a hunt
What is most vivid re: my breath?
What can you feel or notice (my chest or abdomen moving?)
Take that flashlight of your attention & direct it there
Without thinking just put your attention on this sensory experience

1. notice your body breathing
2. Notice what’s most vivid
3. This is the target for your flashlight
4. The goal or intent is to keep the flashlight focused there

1. Focus on these sensations related to breath
2. Notice when your mind wanders away (normalize this. Don’t judge yourself for it)
3. Re-direct (gently) your attention back
The context for this is our mind, body & breath

4. Repeat
3 brain
Floodlight – notice
Flashlight – target – focus
Executive control – what is goal? re-direct

This is a push-up for the mind

Upright but not uptight. We don’t want to be too stiff.


3 Steps to Train Your Awareness | Dr. Amishi Jha

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