Body Scan for Anxiety | RoundGlass Meditation

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Mindfulness is a keystone skill for both health & performance. I added a chapter in my book – Rehab of the Spine on this. The lead author is one of the world’s premier scientists studying this.

David R. Vago, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor | Department of Psychology | Vanderbilt Brain Institute | Vanderbilt University
Research Associate, Department of Psychiatry | Brigham & Women’s Hospital | Harvard Medical School

“Meditation most generally refers to any intentional self-regulatory practice of attention. It is most often used to deepen states of concentration, tranquility, and insight. From the Sanskrit, Bhavana, it refers to cultivation of familiarity with one’s mind.

Mindfulness is most generally defined as a state of present-focused awareness. From the Sanskrit and Pali texts, it is not limited to present-moment awareness. The Pali root, Sati, it is translated as the continual act of recollection or remembering, reflecting sustained [meta-] awareness & discernment of the value of all objects and relations within the scope of said awareness.”

These free resources are from Pr Vago

Free meditations here:

Here are some short ones that may be of benefit:

8 min breath meditation:

14 min open monitoring meditation:

16 min body scan meditation:


Body Scan for Anxiety | RoundGlass Meditation

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