3 orthopaedic surgeries that might be doing patients (and their pockets) more harm than good

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“Spinal fusion is the riskiest type of surgery for back pain and the most expensive orthopaedic procedure performed”

“Surgeons’ justification for using this surgery has expanded over time and it is now the most common surgery to treat everyday back pain that isn’t caused by a serious issue like a fracture or infection.

This is despite evidence that spinal fusion is not more effective than non-surgical treatments (such as an exercise program) and often results in complications. About one in six patients experience a serious complication”

“High-quality research shows arthroscopy to treat osteoarthritis, wear and tear of the meniscus in the knee, and to remove inflamed and thickened bone and tissue in the shoulder is no better than placebo surgery.”

“Before making a decision, make sure you ask your doctor the following questions:

am I more likely to get better with surgery than without it?

what happens if I choose not to have surgery?

what are the risks of having this surgery? Both during surgery (for example, anaesthesia) and after surgery (for example, complications)

have I received enough information about the benefits and harms of having surgery compared to other treatments (including doing nothing)?

Sometimes surgery is recommended because non-surgical treatment has not worked. Unfortunately, the failure of non-surgical treatment does not make the ineffective surgery any more effective. It still doesn’t work any more than not operating.”



3 orthopaedic surgeries that might be doing patients (and their pockets) more harm than good

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