‘Inactivity is an ongoing pandemic’: the life-saving impact of moving your body

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Every Move Counts!
We have a worldwide inactivity crisis.

❇️ 25% of adults are almost completely inactive, exerting themselves for less than 30 minutes a week.
❇️ 80% of children fail to amass the hour a day of movement
❇️ 1/6 deaths are due to physical inactivity.
❇️ “If we don’t use our biggest muscles, notably in our legs, for long periods, there is a cellular effect that makes our bodies less good at breaking down certain fats, which can affect the way they process glucose.”

“for all the focus on 10,000 steps a day, among a sample of older US women, those who managed 4,400 steps had nearly half the chance of dying during the research period than those who averaged 2,700.”

❇️ “research has shown that if people nudge their body into even tiny amounts of effort, it can bring astonishing benefits.”

A big shift in thinking is the new emphasis on “every move counts”

“For years, the mantra was that people should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, ideally in half-hour chunks. But as I-Min Lee, the Harvard professor and leading light of inactivity studies, tells me, doing something is almost always better than nothing.”

❇️ “Updated health guidance now talks up activity in chunks of as little as 10 minutes.”

“The US government guidelines on activity note that, on the same day you manage a single period of moderate-to-vigorous activity, you will see a”
❇️ reduction in blood pressure
❇️ better insulin sensitivity
❇️ improved sleep
❇️ fewer anxiety symptoms, and
❇️ improved cognitive function

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‘Inactivity is an ongoing pandemic’: the life-saving impact of moving your body

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