Therapeutic alliance – a patient’s thoughts – Living Well with Pain

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Follow the thread through to the link with the writer’s P.T. Matt Low’s blog. He wrote the Forward for me new book.

This post is great on the role of therapeutic alliance from a patient’s perspective

“I don’t want him/her to just sit there and listen to me, I want to have a genuine, mutually respectful conversation.“ This is a great point. It’s not just about allowing someone to tell the story – it’s about being receptive to the story and engaging.

I need his/her explanations of what might be happening with my body

I need encouragement, and I need to want to try hard

I need to have treatment options explained in a balanced way. I need to think that when discussing, for example, surgery that I will be told both the pros and cons and that I won’t be ‘led’ when making a decision.

The strong therapeutic alliance I developed with my physiotherapist, Matt Low, helped ensure an episode of care based on Cognitive Functional Therapy was life changing for me.


Therapeutic alliance – a patient’s thoughts – Living Well with Pain

I cannot over-emphasise how important it is to me as a persistent pain patient to have a strong, supportive therapeutic alliance with all my clinicians.

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