In defence of thongs … and science

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❇️ Portraying the body as fragile is not only incorrect, this could potentially scare some people away from physical activity. And this would be a shame as the human body thrives on physical activity.
❇️ some forms of knee, hip, shoulder and back surgery provide the same outcomes as placebo surgery or non-surgical treatments.
❇️ The body can heal damaged muscles, ligaments and discs and because there is some redundancy built into the system, undamaged tissues can step up to cover the functions of the damaged tissues.
❇️ The natural history (what will happen over time, without treatment) of many painful conditions is that they will improve. Subjecting patients to surgery before that has a chance to happen can make surgery look good, even when it does nothing.
❇️ . The myth that thongs damage joints to the point of needing surgery joins a long list of other myths such as
“the weather makes aches and pains worse”
“kids should not wear backpacks more than 10 per cent of their body weight”, and
“you should not exercise if you have arthritis”.…/in-defence-of-thongs-and-science-2…


In defence of thongs … and science

Thongs are a trivial challenge for the body because, unlike a machine, the human body can adapt to accommodate a wide range of postures and movements.

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