Exercise as medicine to be prescribed in osteoarthritis

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“Medicine is more inclined to attempt to cure instead of prevent. As a consequence, human beings are subjected to many chronic illnesses that could have been avoided by observing a few simple health rules. Being physically active should be part of a daily health routine, much like hand washing or wearing a helmet.”

❇️ A sedentary lifestyle is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality
❇️ Evidence-based data link physical inactivity to numerous disorders (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, forms of cancer,
❇️ Sdentary habits can shorten life expectancy and raise medical costs of sedentary-related diseases.
❇️The World Health Organisation reported in The Lancet Global Health that more than one in four adults globally (28% or 1.4 billion people) is physically inactive.
❇️ 150 min of regular exercise a week leads to a decrease in the risk of diabetes, cancer, depression, stroke as well as a 30% reduction in mortality risk
MacIntosh BR, Frankovich R, Oh P, Fowles J. Exercise is Medicine Canada: engaging patients in physical activity dialogue-practical tools, CME workshop to assist physicians. Ontario Medical Review. 2016;9:30-33 Available from: https://www.exerciseismedicine.org/…/OMR-2016-03-31%20copy.… /.
❇️ “exercise has a therapeutic role for diseases such as diabetes, obesity, pain, neurological disorders and heart failure”



Exercise as medicine to be prescribed in osteoarthritis

Exercise as medicine to be prescribed in osteoarthritis

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