A new patient education website has just launched from Australian back pain researcher Paul Hodges group.


Self care for LBP the the most effective strategy but there are many myths which are unmasked here. Frequently these myths such as
❇️ rest is best for back pain,
❇️ or you need an MRI to identify the source of you’re pain,
❇️ or if you have a bulging or herniated disc, a narrow spinal canal, or degenerative arthritis you have a serious back problem that requires injections, or surgery & is likely to be disabling.

This site offers reassuring & reactivating advice on how to stay active, reduce suffering, & get on the road to higher function.



Each treatment in this website has had its evidence base reviewed by our expert panel. We use the gradings shown below to summarise the existing scientific evidence for each treatment. This may change as new research becomes available and we will update the gradings accordingly.

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