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Musculoskeletal disorders are a leading cause of years lived with disability (YLD). They compromise life span too, but health span much more. In an era where life span has grown longer health span becomes of greater concern. In fact our biological & chronological ages are quite different.

Managing our musculoskeletal integrity is a key in enhancing our biological age. Many older persons who are active appear quite young for their age. In fact they are NORMAL! Those who look their age – in our eyes – are actually aging too fast.

We are designed to move. Inactivity along with a diet consisting of excessive processed foods & empty calories is a “double whammy” affecting both the quantity & especially the quality of our lives.

Fortunately, assessing this is by modifying our lifestyle is becoming easier. Healthy choices are becoming easier to find. Baking them into our routines helps forge new habits through behavior modification. These “nudges” turn persistence into passion.




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