A brutal question

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What is pain??

A Paper cut hurts like crazy but the amount of danger you’re in is disproportionate to the pain intensity. Interesting – eh?

❇️ “A protective feeling”
❇️ “The experience of pain is dependent on context – ie Psychology”
❇️ “Context is what tells the brain if protection is warranted & beneficial”

PAIN is unpleasant for sure. It’s also complex. No one least of all us at LASS have all the answers. Hopefully we can listen empathetically to you’re story & through the ups & downs help you develop sustainable resilence in you’re life.


A brutal question

Education *IS* Medicine Lorimer Moseley presented recently at APLAR-ARA 2019 (The 21st Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology Congress in conjunction with the Australia Rheumatology A…

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