Tame the Beast

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What questions should people with back pain be asking?

“First, they need to realize that they are not alone—they are not the Lone Ranger. We have a website called tamethebeast.org, and it emphasizes the three questions that we think consumers should be asking their healthcare professional. The first is, How do I know my pain system is being overprotective? The second question is, What can I do to retrain my pain system to be less protective? And finally, the third question is, Am I safe to move even if it hurts? Our research shows that the answers to these three questions are the most pivotal aspect of patients turning their journey around. It is important to remember that this is a journey; there are no quick fixes.”



Tame the Beast

Professor Lorimer Moseley narrates an animation about rethinking persistent pain, a new approach to taming the beast.

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