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Fascinating. We know exercise is the fountain of youth. People who stay active have a longer health span. This is crucial because as average life span has grown dramatically longer (as compared with 100 years ago) Health Span has not.

In fact since the 1990’s the disability burden has grown dramatically. Back pain is the 1 source of disability adjusted life years (DALY) & has ⬆️ by 54% since then. Disabling knee, hip & neck pain are also dramatically ⬆️.

These are primarily lifestyle related issues which can be prevented by an staying active. The myth is that if you have a bad MRI or had a prior injury this determines your future pain or disability. We now realize that activity is a more robust independent predictor of DALY than these other factors. In fact with respect to MRI findings they are like “wrinkles” inside your body & associated with age more than symptoms. People without various imaging findings have minimal pain & people who develop pain frequently have no change in their structure.

This article highlights new data that aerobic or interval training may influence telemere length more than strength training. Telemeres are a fascinating marker associated with aging.

“If you want to move you’ve got to move”. This is a scalable goal. Each person is unique. At LASS we find a precision solution using this scalable principle to reduce disabling pain & enhance your health span for a sustainable resilient active lifestyle


Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/12/well/move/is-aerobic-exercise-the-key-to-successful-aging.html

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