Back pain: have we got it wrong?

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The message I got from everyone else was that you have to protect your back and brace your core. Pete just said your back is designed to bend, so bend it. Your back is designed to twist, so twist it. It’s safe to load your back in a flexed position… within about a month, I went from being worried about tying up my shoelaces or lifting the toilet seat, to this pain-free range of motion which I then strengthened up like you do with any other joint in the body,” he says.

“He literally gave me a licence to move. He said ‘look, pain doesn’t mean damage, if you keep moving, you’ll get better at it and the pain will subside. Your body will realise it is not a threatening action… these actions are perfectly healthy and normal and good for you and not dangerous’… and that was the difference.…/scans-surgeries-and-opioids-rarely…


Back pain: have we got it wrong?

Back pain is now the leading cause of disability worldwide, yet the way it is often treated may be making it worse.

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