Shannan Yorton #grit How? Passion in the pursuit of a goal. #resilent How? Sust…

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Shannan Yorton #grit How? Passion in the pursuit of a goal. #resilent How? Sustainability mindset rather than reactive, palliative. Getting upstream of life challenges like disabling or activity limiting pain is against the grain. It’s easier to think downstream “what is the tissue that’s the issue?” Or “how do I “fix” this”. “What can I do to relieve my pain”.

It’s more sustainable to search for WHY do I have the pain & address the “source of the source”.

Returning to PARTICIPATION ➡️ PLAY ➡️PERFORMANCE is a process driven approach following #firstprinciplesofmovement Its an agile #learnitall mindset not a “know it all” one. We figure it out by identifying the goals.

Some nice work inspired by Eric Cressey here. #alwayslearning ST work has been a fav of mine since Janda taught me how to look for certain tendencies in the ‘80’s. Then James Irrgang PT, PhD in the early ‘90’s.

This is the why behind the what. Why do we struggle with activity limiting pain? Because instead of focusing on the upstream source we chase the downstream symptoms.

Then we get frustrated with recurrences. We become more anxious & #overprotective then naturally we avoid activity more & become #underprepared

This weekend I’m with @gabbetttim studying how #overprotection & #underpreparation are the source of the source.

Modern pain science #threatmanagement #painrevolution #lorimermoseley & modern sport science #loadmanagement are the ? to getting upstream

I can’t wait to see many of you in NYC next weekend at FPM – TRAIN. Also Parker Vegas, NFL Combine, NASS Park City & Prague. Plus @theyogafix & @timlatham18 will be teaching BTG in Seattle & Seoul soon! @mingmingsubrown @andreaushichang @chadbuohl Reload Health and Performance @fred_duncan @citadellenoire @anthonyaamodt.dc.sfg @jj_humblebeast Dr. Jason Park, PT, DPT @jdwideman ????

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