How Muscles Age, and How Exercise Can Slow It

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❇️ 1/4 of adults >60 and 1/2 of those > 80 have thinner arms and legs than they did in their youth.

❇️ ⬇️ muscle mass is associated with muscle weakness, “which can make carrying out daily activities, such as climbing stairs or even getting up from a chair, difficult for many seniors.”

❇️ “This can lead to inactivity, which itself leads to muscle loss at any age. Thus, older people can enter a vicious cycle that will eventually lead to an increased risk of falls, a loss of independence, and even premature death.”

❇️ “The good news is that exercise can stave off and even reverse muscle loss and weakness. Recent research has demonstrated that physical activity can promote mitochondrial health, increase protein turnover, and restore levels of signaling molecules involved in muscle function.”

❇️ “exercise can improve overall strength in the elderly, and specifically, the metabolic vigor of skeletal muscle.”

❇️ “Being the most abundant tissue in the average human body, accounting for 30 percent to 40 percent of its total mass, muscle is not only critical for locomotion and breathing, but also for glucose, lipid, and amino-acid homeostasis.”

❇️ “it is never too late to exercise to try to combat the consequences of muscle “

❇️ “Different types of exercise can trigger variable but specific responses in the muscle. For example, whereas strength training is efficient at making muscle, high intensity interval training in aerobic exercises such as biking and walking had the greatest effect at the cellular level at combating age-related loss and weakness, according to Nair’s work.”

❇️ “ Ivan Bautmans from Vrije Universiteit Brussel showed that increased circulating levels of inflammation markers correlate with muscle fatigue in geriatric patients, and that resistance training decreased inflammatory myokines in young adults.16”


How Muscles Age, and How Exercise Can Slow It

Researchers untangle the multifarious nature of muscle aging. So far, the only reliable treatment is exercise.

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