Exercise specialists should be members of our health care team

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57-year-old w/ chronic knee pain
meniscectomy in her 20s
osteotomy in her 30s,
severe osteoarthritis by her early 40s
as a result, became sedentary and over-weight

the pain caused her to wake at night, requiring her to take regular analgesics.
the pain as “9 out of 10”

while wait-listed for a total knee arthroplasty
Saw non-medical exercise specialists
One year later her pain as “1 out of 10” & had her name removed from the wait list

“studies of family medicine graduates, who have shown not only a lack of confidence in managing orthopedic conditions but who also feel insufficiently prepared to prescribe exercise upon graduating.5,6 This is despite the evidence that exercise promotion by family physicians can positively affect participation in physical activity and its maintenance by patients.7”

❇️ the average discussion lasts only about 90 seconds.8
“most of us seem to lack the training to help our patients transform our recommendations into their actions.”

“She attended classes regularly for 6 months before she removed herself from the wait list. In that time, she had lost 20 pounds and had begun to sleep and teach without pain.”



Exercise specialists should be members of our health care team

The radiograph in [Figure 1][1] belongs to a 57-year-old teacher who, owing to a knee injury as a teenager, has lived with knee pain for most of her adult life. After requiring a meniscectomy in her 20s and an osteotomy in her 30s, she battled severe osteoarthritis by her early 40s and, as a result

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